Sunday, April 26, 2015

Muh Huert

I was watching suit life on deck one time, when this chick bailey said something like this, "he kept baking me heart shaped cookies, and no, i don't mean cute little valentines, I'm talking like four chambers and an aorta"

The logical part of my brain loves this, and thinks its kindof cute.

I mean sure, the part of your body that processes gallons of blood a day isn't typically considered cute, but love that he loves her with his real heart, or likes her, whatever.

It isn't about cutesy valentines and cheap bathroom cologne and a single rose

to me its about real everyday things and truly breathing with someone and a flower shop or a greenhouse built in memorial to your first love who yeah you might hate now but there's a part of you that just wants to keep planting tulips together *no pun intended*

I'm pretty sure that there wasn't any actual real meaning behind this random line off a television show, but random things like that just stick with you i guess, and my heart is full of random things that I hear and feel and forget almost instantly sometimes to come back six or ten years later to remind me of kissing j.r. saxton under the bleachers at my brother's basketball game in the 1st grade or to the time i fell out of a tree and had a scratch from my bellybutton to my chin and couldn't wear a real shirt for three days or even the first time i saw my mom and dad hold hands in lee's marketplace or when my brother's and I would answer the telemarketers phone calls by making fart noises into the phone...

this is the taste of nostalgia for future distant past memories and the wonderful moments i can and will have

these are the moments i am composed of, they are what shapes my heart



  1. I read this whole post. I loved the pun! and I feel you on how random things stick out to you. For me when I listen to the radio the only thing it can do is scream "HER" name to me. Thanks for writing with voice

  2. wow. this whole post was absolutely amazing. weird how those random lines really do stick with you.

  3. I was going to quote a line, and then I liked the next line more, and then the next one, and so I'll just say that this is beautifully written, and I especially like the telemarketers part :)